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Defining the issues

The case “Leading Teams” is about the different types of team, the advantages of working in teams, the problems faced by team members while working in teams, future of teams, etc. The case is about the different aspects of teams. The major problem however that has been identified in the case regarding leading the teams is that working in teams sometimes becomes a chaotic situation.

Team members coming from diverse cultural backgrounds face quite a few issues working in teams. Moreover, teams have to well aligned, the leader of the team has to be visionary and he should know the purpose and the direction of the team.

Leading a team in the modern era has become quite an art because of the globalization that has been prevailing in the market. Teams in modern world do not necessarily work in the same region;however,team members coordinate and communicate from different parts of the world, which has also made the situation quite tricky for the leader.

Data Analysis

            The case basically discusses the various aspects of teams. Since teams in the modern era have become inevitable, therefore organizations work in teams to work rather efficiently and effectively. The case also discusses the steps involved in designing teams. The first step which actually confirms whether a team is required can be confirmed through task complexity.

            The second step which is necessary to diagnose the interdependence of a team is carried through task interdependence.  Moreover, the inter dependence is of three main types; pooled interdependence, the sequential interdependence and the reciprocal interdependence.

Along with this, the case also discusses the situation where it is necessary to create a team. For instance a work that needs to be completed with the help and support of team members should be actually carried within team atmosphere. The importance of working in teams is also an elementary part that needs to be reviewed by the team members.

Another example could be a work that can be done without forming teams should be done on individual basis. The reason is simple; complicating things makes the situation tougher for the company and the manager to manage. Therefore, it is rather necessary that firms should not look to over burden themselves by working in teams.

However, some projects need to be completed in teams should not be made to work on individual basis. The reason is simple, since assembly line workers cannot work as skillfully as they do while working in teams, therefore the importance of teams has be understood by the leaders before forming teams.

Establishing the team environment is also an integral part for the proper and effective functioning of teams. If individuals are asked to work in teams then they should be given the proper working conditions so that they can perform as per their skills and they should also be made aware of their responsibilities in the team.

Moreover, working in teams is a method which makes situation complicated and easier at the same time. If the team is not led well by the leader, the results or the consequences are quite negative and against the company. On the other hand, if the employees are given proper working conditions while working in team, the results can be rewarding and beneficial.

To make the teams perform skillfully with commitment and dedication, it is necessary for the management to reward the team members. This is one of the most difficult parts of working in teams. Sometimes, all the team members do not work with commitment and dedication however,since the team reward is associated to the completion of task therefore each team member is rewarded equally.Leading Teams Case Solution

This causes dissatisfaction among the top performing employees. Therefore, the leader has to ensure that the team members who perform better than the others should be given just and fair reward. Moreover, the team should actually acknowledge those individuals who perform better than the rest. This is the most obvious method to actually convince and make the team members perform in the right manner.

Along with this, the selection of the right team members is also very important. Moreover, another major decision which the team has to take is to select the right number of team members for a specific team...............

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