Leader(ship) Development Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Designed for use in the first year of the program MBA, may be included in the basic course on leadership or be used more broadly to focus students on their experience during the upcoming school. Offers a number of robust conceptual models to help students articulate their leader (ship) development experience, and the business school. How do we frame our experience has a significant impact on how we ultimately "have" our experiences and what we make of them. Drawing extensively education, human development and leadership development literature, and recent longitudinal study of students MBA, speaks directly to students of business schools in their own language, in an attempt to help them make the most of their experience while in school. For teachers, can be used as a background resource for understanding how the MBA students to test their time at the school and to capture a broad literature review of leadership development as it relates to the MBA program. Frequently Asked Questions explored include: are leaders born or made? When we speak of "the leader (ship) development," is exactly what it is that develops How leaders develop? To address these key issues, combines colorful quotes student at source, from an understanding of the main leaders of thought in the field of leadership development. also offered a series of "development proposals" to increase the likelihood that students will get the most out of their development journeys. "Hide
by Scott A. Snook 40 pages. Publication date: 04 Oct 2007. Prod. #: 408064-PDF-ENG

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Leader(ship) Development

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