Tragedy on Everest (French) French Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Tragedy on Everest (French) French  Case Solution


This case explains the tragedy that took place on Everest in 1996 - when groups led by highly-skilled guides got captured in a dreadful storm, triggering the death of the group leaders and numerous of the customer climbers. It explores the aspects that assist groups make it through when these people experience turbulence, and why others in comparable situations fulfill tragedy. The case builds on the experience of among the group leaders who was on the mountain that year, and goes over 3 various groups on the mountain that year.


Pedagogical Objectives:

The primary goal is to go over high efficiency group management under turbulence. It can be taken from various angles: management, collective group work (or not), crisis management, and handling under rough conditions.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Entrepreneurship

published: 23 Sep 2015
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Tragedy on Everest (French) French

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