Laxmi Protein Products Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case describes a typical situation faced by any company engaged in marketing of goods. Lakshmi proteins processed and sold pigeon pea, called Toor or tour in Hindi. Processed grain was known as Toor dal and was an important source of protein in a predominantly vegetarian diet of Indians. With the ongoing economic boom and increasing income, it is expected that the cost of a healthy diet will increase and with it the flow of impulses, such as Toor dal. Lakshmi Protein was on the verge of inauguration of new processing plant that would double its capacity. Managing Director expressed concern about the effectiveness of current marketing strategies to sell additional products and asked to review the marketing director of marketing efforts and come up with an alternative. "Hide
by Saswata N. Biswas, SR Asokan, Suresh BP Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 16 pages. Publication Date: July 23, 2012. Prod. #: W12060-PDF-ENG

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Laxmi Protein Products

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