DataUnison: The eBay Reseller Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2005, e-business has been on the rise again, and one of the companies that does well with eBay, the most successful online website auction. In addition to generating revenue, operations at eBay also produced a significant amount of data on purchases, prices and products. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the 18-month-old company, Advanced Economic Systems Research, Inc (AERS) analyzed these data to consumers and businesses interested in maximizing their return from eBay. AERS recently earned the right to license eBay data in North America. Now the CEO must decide how to take advantage of the license agreement information without crushing his company's business sales analysis for large and small sellers eBay. "Hide
by Rebecca A. Grant, Meghan Stothers Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 19 pages. Publication Date: June 7, 2007. Prod. #: 907E14-PDF-ENG

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DataUnison: The eBay Reseller Strategy

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