McDonalds: Is China Lovin It Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

McDonald `s, the world famous American fast food franchise, entered China in 1990, when Chinese law franchise even exists. In this formerly closed country whose market is open only to foreign investors in 1978, McDonald's had to adapt to an unfamiliar and rapidly changing environment. Not only is the food culture in China is very different from that in the West, but also the culture of nutrition, lifestyle and legal structures are changing as a result of a sharp rise in economic growth and mass urbanization. Competition is also intensifying local and foreign restaurants tend to make the increase in the welfare of China. As the growing middle class demanding higher standards from these companies, McDonald `s local business practices in terms of food sanitation, employee welfare and other social and environmental issues have been put under scrutiny in China. While the booming economy of the country, provided the environmental conditions are suitable for the fast food culture, the environment, also creates problems for the survival of fast-food operators in the country. McDonald's will be able to maintain its momentum, as China has become a developed nation? "Hide
by Steven Ko, Claudia HL Woo Source: University of Hong Kong, 14 pages. Publication Date: December 2, 2008. Prod. #: HKU802-PDF-ENG

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McDonalds: Is China Lovin It

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