La Martina (B): Selling The Passion? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1971 © 2008
Leleux, Benoit F.; Turpin, Dominique; Brochier, Thomas

Lando Simonetti; creator and CEO of La Martina was pacing around his workplace in the Buenos Aires suburban areas. From a regional polo devices manufacturer; La Martina had actually ended up being one of the most acknowledged worldwide brand name names in polo and style alike. He would have chosen to remain real to the brand name's DNA; rooted in the estancia way of life and the polo online game; providing practical polo devices.

That no longer appeared possible considering that the style market had actually found the brand name and changed it into a style icon. It came from Tribeca Partners; a reputed South American personal equity company in Bogotá that had actually established a major style specialized. It had actually just recently concluded its very first offer in Argentina; obtaining one of La Martina's regional rivals; Etiqueta Negra; with a view to taking it international.

Subjects: Entrepreneurship; Fashion; Polo; Argentina; Brand management; Growth management; Growth financing; Emigrant entrepreneurship; Brand DNA; Exit strategy; Private equity
Settings: Argentina; Colombia; Fashion; Sports equipment; Private equity; US$200 million; March 2008

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