Marketing Internship at Tasly Pharmaceutical Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

  1. Segmentation Strategy:

Tasly is a hi-tech group whose scope of business includes chemical medicine, biological medicine and healthcare products. One of its plans is to lead Chinese traditional medicine and healthcare products into the North American market. It has signed a contract with the regional distributions. Therefore, by using the outsourcing the company can save more time, money and take advantages of the already existing information. The regional distributions will help us to sell products to the retailers. The company plans to target middle age, high education female with middle and higher income, specially consumers who like natural and chemical free products. There are several reasons why the company chooses these market segmentation. First of all, from the research

  • Product Strategy:

The company is going to launch three different kinds of supplements into the North American Market, one kind for support immune system, the second kind for private heart disease and the third kind will be launched for support clear memory. In addition, it will launch presciption drugs in the future. Our product mix is deep since we are producing not only general healthcare products but also presciption drugs. However, it is not wide because the company only focus on pharmaceutical products. In addtion, the product mix is consistent because our supplements are using similar brand image under the same trade mark. For branding policy, our company uses trade mark “Tasly” represents rigorous, extensive and meticulous quality control standards. The other trade mark “Deepure” under “Tasly” represents the chemical-free and natural product lines. Our company doesn’t use neither individual nor family branding.

This is the trademark of our company:


As a starting pharmaceutical company, our R&D department has been working on the innovation of the products such as discovering the new herbal or chemical ingredients that will beneficial for health and for our company.

  • Pricing Strategy:

The position of our products in the market is upscale. The reason is because firstly, the ingredients in our products are all chemical-free and are produced from rare organic herbs. The cost of producing our products are expensive. Therefore, the price range of our products are middle to premium. In addition, our market segmentation target consumers, who like to shop in organic markets. In order to compete with those natural supplements to sell in the organic markets, so we will set our prices close to their expectations. For these two reasons, even though our company have not make the final decision on our prices, in my opinion, but I think the types of our pricing are both cost-based and competitor-based.

  • Communication Strategy:

Since our company just started launching the products, hence, we are still working on the advertising and doing pre-marketing operations. The main objective for our company is to enhance the awareness and reputation of our company and our brand. So far, our public relations officer, Anna has just signed a contract with one of the Medicare magazine that sells in the Wholefood and will promote our first advertisement on this magazine from this year, November. Further, we are going to join our first convention on this year September called Natural Product Expo East. All the people from our marketing team have been working together to design our booth, convention sheet, take away gifts and hand out to promote our company and products. For the booth, our sales representative manager Vanita has been cooperating with a company called MarketTrust designed the booth. In the booth, we will have a digital monitor that shows the photos of our products and company. The most interesting part is we are going to show the actual herbs that we use in our products in order to attract visitors’ attention. For the convention sheet and hand out, we have set many meetings to discuss and give opinions and our marketing manager, Kevin designs them. In order to take away gifts, two other marketing interns and I finally decided to use pen with the logo of our company, pill organizes with red color thar represents the color of our company and a red color folder with the logo of our company that can handle the convention sheet and hand out. In addition, our marketing interns work with the other sales representative manager, Ken to search the contact list of potential buyers, who will go to the exhibition and contact with them. In our convention sheet, we are going to promote our supplement products by providing 10 percentage discount. Since we are doing pre-marketing operations, hence, we haven’t sold any products yet, so our company doesn’t have any activities that are related to the customer service. In addition, our company works with outsourcing and contractors...........................

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