A New Approach to China: Google and Censorship in the Chinese Market Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Introduction- negotiation journey and results

Google initiated its business back in 1998 under the partnership of Schmaltz and Page, who established the platform to offer search services to the users. Over the period of time, the search engine became reputed in the US market with high market share and adoption by the customers, leading to profits.

Google has always remained an open sourceplatform to offer content to its customers.In doing so, it has adoptedthe non-censorshipstrategy to offercontinuousinformation to the userswithout hindering the results associated withthe search. Suchstrategy allowedit toexpand substantially in the globalmarketsand made it the most used ona global scale.

Recently, the companydecided to enter into the Chinese market with an aim to offer similarsources in the Chinese market.Chinahas remained a communist state over the period of time with rigid regulations on spread ofdigital content and other activities that may disturb the harmony of the state in the long-term. Moreover, China has always remained a restrictedterritory forinternationalbusinesses due toitshighheritage to language and governmentregulations that control the actions of international players in the market.But since itpresents a strongmarket opportunity, Google is keen to enter into such marketwithsimilarofferings.However, to do so, Google and the Chinese government has developeda negotiation strategyand points to be pursed while operating in the Chinese market.

A New Approach to China Google and Censorship in the Chinese Market Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The first round of negotiation between GoogleandChina took place in 2006, in which Google agreed over the censorship of contentthroughthe greatFirewall of China that controls the publishing of contentscontainingserious sentences or words that are legally prohibited. It also controls thecontent offeredbyGoogle that may affect the culture andlegalharmony of China.Thoughsuchcensorship hasbeen against the strategy of Google, however,offering no results to customers for certain keywords is far worst that offering limited content to the users.

In 2006, Googlereceived the licenseto establish Google.cn to offer content to the Chinese users,in doing so such licenseallowedGoogle to surpass the “Great Firewall”, making it easy for Google to publish content and offer quick resultsto the users,maintaining itsbrand value and offering at auniform scale.

Since such negotiationmade Google to go beyond theline in offering content to the Chinese users, such disgruntled the shareholdersthat remained in view of offering unrestricted data to the users and offering full information without a barrier as that is what Google stands for.Moreover, since Google developed the Google.cn, it abidedby the strictlaws that confirm theharmony ofChina’s political and legalsystem.

During the negotiatedterms, Googledeveloped two sites, Google.co and Googl.cn, which covered the variouscoverage of news and information legally sound with the Chinese market.Such, though restricted the information flow fromthe globe toChina orfrom China to the outer world, yet it offeredsubstantialreturns to Google,makingthe operationssuccessful and profitable.

However, in the following period of the negotiation, Google faced a strong threat of cyber security whentrying to access social activistaccounts. Sincesuchhas been recordedby the actions of Chinese, yet the Chinesegovernment refuses to accept the chargeresulting in disgruntledrelationship between China and the Google. Inaddition to this, under the bargainedterms, Googleremained offering basic Googleplatform to the users without an additional offering of Gmail,Google blogger and others.

Though Googletried to offer theextended Gmaildomain to thecustomers, however, due tounavailability of the domain, itremained restricted inoffering the search engine in the Chinese market yet offering acertain free Gmail accountservice through indirect link........................

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