AlTayyar Group vs. Asia Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

AlTayyar Group Vs. Asia


Introduction of Al-Tayyar group:

Al Tayyar Travel Group is a Saudi business entity. It has more than 3,000 workers. The organization serves in more than 430 sub divisions in Saudi Arabia and over the globe. It is imperative for the gathering to understand the benefit of having vicinity in its customer's most favored traveler destinations in light of the fact that in the event that they are not present, then the client may switch in the middle of brands and subsequently, the organization may lose deals, thus Al-Tayyar gathering has vigorously put resources into branches over the globe including South Africa, center eastern nations, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Canada and each nation, which has striking brilliance and tourism locations (Group, n.d).


Our main goal is to strive for continued excellence in service, and we provide the best travel and tourism services within the geographical location of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the MENA regions and international locations as well, delivering lifetime experiences for all which no other competitor can provide, and to become a partner of choice. We work hard and smart to provide an interlinked traveling package of products and services through contracts based on agreements.Weestablish global and regional partnerships for enhancing our operational performance in terms of service quality and market compatible rates.

The company focuses on its vision of promoting Saudi Arabia and providing jobs for the general public on merit basis in the Kingdom, while contributing to the development and growth of Saudi Arabia.


Our mission comprises of the following:

• Always in search of new global markets and to develop regional footprint that exist with the help of progressive partnerships.
• We believe in continuous improvement of our business portfolio and quality of service through effective leadership, professional staff that is highly qualified and technology advancement in order to meet and exceed clients’ expectations that make them delighted.
• Establishing an efficient, cost effective and transparent operations system.
• Improving shareholders’ position and improving the quantity and quality of services for loyal customers.

Al Tayyar Travel Group provides travel, tourism, and shipping services in addition to transport, tourism, and accommodation services for religious purposes such as Hajj and Umrah.

Introduction of Asia travels:

It is Asia’s best online travel company, which offers a globalized inventory of around 8 million traveling products across the globe. Its online booking feature for all-inclusive packages strongly targets convenience seekers, who require instant confirmation and extra savings in rates. Its technique to provide complete traveling services at bundle pricing method establishes its unique selling proposition in the online travel market (, n.d).

It serves customers across the globe through 13 different language websites.Ithas 19 offices in Asia, the Middle East and Europe operating and providing 24x7 customer care service. With complete and extraordinary ground experience, supplier/buyer relationships, proprietary procedures and knowledge in their respective field, Asia travel. com sustains a strong traveling brand which is recognized for its reliability, sincerity, integrity and honesty for consumers and partners on the contrary. It isan award winning online travel agency for the year 2015 for the 3rd time by Travel Awards Asia Pacific.

Services include:

• All inclusive travel packages
• Accommodation
• Transportation
• 24/7 customer care service.


History of Al-Tayyar group:

It has over 3,000 employees. The Company serves in over 430 sub divisions in Saudi Arabia and across the globe. It is important for the group to understand the value of having a presence in its clients’most preferred tourist destinations because if they are not present then the customers may switch between brands and as a result, the company may lose sales, hence Al-Tayyar group has heavily invested in branches across the globe including South Africa, the GCC middle eastern countries, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Canada and almost every country, which has scenic beauty and tourism sites (Bloomberg, n.d).........................

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