Understand Your Network and Let Knowledge Flow Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Businesses communicate and manage across social and geographic spaces that are vast. The manner that precious knowledge is common and transferred across these spaces is necessary for create and supporting a healthy culture of modernism. To assist this, managers must look ahead of formal managerial arrangements to the informal networks of ties and relationships that workers from across functions and divisions. Through his research, IESE Prof.

Marco Tortoriello has identified numerous strategies for bolstering these informal networks. Step one would be to institute boundary-crossing operations, which means identifying people within the organization that have the right set of characteristics to function as conduits for knowledge transfer within and between units. The more extensive network context needs to be developed to support boundary-spanning results. This means ensuring that the ties that link the informal networks of the company's are not sufficiently weak and with suitable range to channel crucial knowledge between units. By far the most important step involves creating the "best" network states which will support the transfer of knowledge across various elements of the organization, which might ease better conditions for initiation.

Understand Your Network and Let Knowledge Flow Case Study Solution


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Understand Your Network and Let Knowledge Flow

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