Internet Advertising Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Internet Advertising

Internet advertising is basically the use of the internet to advertise the product and services to the end users. It outlines the channel, the businesses use to reach to the potential and large base of customers in an effective mannerwithout incurring additional cost.

Over the period oftime, with the emergence of internet and technology, quite a substantial market hasstarted spendingmore time on internetand web-browsing than on television.Such trend gave rise to the companies usingthe digital andprimary internet mode to advertise the productsandservices.

In addition to the trend and change in customer behavior, technology has also played a great role in switching the mode of advertisement.Since the emergence of Google advertisingmodel and Google sense, the advertising has becomesmart, targeting the right potential segment,making the company gain most out of the entail investment on internet marketing which isquite lessthan traditional marketing techniques.

Basically, internet marketing is using the websites, Google sense and portals to attract and direct the customer on the particular websites. It includes certain models like PPC, CPC and CPA that offers potential customer footfall to one businesswhile offering commission for directing the customer to the buyer site to other business.
Internet Advertising Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In addition to this, internet marketing also includes search engine results, emails and advertisement banners on the webpages.Since Googleinitiated the free model of advertising through its platform, the model of internet marketing became the most cost effective yet substantially effective modelof advertisingfor the business.It has also been noticed that globalization and integration oforganizationshas also played a majorrole in promoting the internet market.Since internet has no domain and restriction of boundaries;many businesses like Amazon andFlipchart developed theirecommerce business models on internet channel and became world’s global retailers.

Use of internet Advertisement to create awareness

The main objective of the business is to generate thesales for its product and develop a positive position of its existence in the market.Such term inmarketing is called asbrand awareness.Many organizations in traditional business model used their traditional marketing techniques like billboard advertisements, TV ads, and magazines, however with the passing time,and moving fast technology and the spread of internet many organizationsdeveloped the advertisementstrategy based on internet.In doing so, some companiesare pursuing internet initiated ecommercemodels while someare usingsocial media presence to aware the customers about theirproducts.

The main objective of building awareness is to drive sales, people cannot buy what theydon’tknow exists in the market; some organizations are creating awareness through online model, which has become a potential mode of advertisement.Underthe online advertising, organizationlike Amazon create market awareness and brandvisibility by investing into the social media channels and Googlesense, in which the consumers are directed or exposedto the main offers which on clickingthe ad lands the customer on the product page of Amazon, this greatly influences customer to makeinstantpurchase decision and hence improves sales.........................

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