International Marketing Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


I decided to export grape wine outside Georgia. The countries under consideration wereLebanon and UAE.

Wine is an alcoholic beverage. There are many sources which can be used to make wine like grapes, plum, cherry and etc. I decide to made grapes wine for the export purpose. Grapes mainly fermented without the addition of sugar, acids, enzymes, water or any other nutrients. Different style of grapes and ferments produced different varieties of grape wine. Throughout the history, people used wine due to its intoxicating effects.

Biggest exporter and importer of grape wine are listed below: (World's Richest Countries)

·   Italy

·   Spain

·   France

·   Unites States

·   China

·   Etc.

·   United States

·   Germany

·   China

·   Canada

·   Belgium

·   Etc.


I intended to package my product in two different ways:




Option 1: Tin pack                                                                  Option 2: Small bottle

Outline for Chosen Country profiles

I intended to export my product in a country. For this, I considered two countries Lebanon (with capital Beirut) or UAE (with capital Abu Dhabi). Both countries are situated near Georgia therefore are easily accessible.
International Marketing Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Political System


Western Asia

Boundaries: Syria, Israel, Cyprus, Mediterranean Sea

Western Asia

Boundaries: Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran

Size10452km2 67340km2
CapitalBeirutAbu Dhabi

July- 27°C



GDP per capita ($)$11615$40162
GDP Growth rate0.80%3.90%
Country indexes





Ease of doing business index

Political Risk Index-40

Political Stability Index-

Foreign Investment-

Life satisfaction-186.67

Happy planet-

Political Risk Index-87

Political Stability Index-

Foreign Investment-

Life Satisfaction-246.67

Happy planet-

The good country ranking


76th place22nd place


Market and Its analysis

Industry BoundaryGrapes Wine
Unit of AnalysisIndividual
Geographical ScopeBeirutAbu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah
Demographic Scope
Maximum number of potential customers346500045000000


Current market demand247500035000000
Market Development Index(2475000/3465000)*100=71%(35000000/45000000)*100=77%
Average wine price$20$19
Average annual growth rateStable market, low growthGrowing market as an average rate of 9%
Product life cycleProduct is in growth phaseProduct is in growth phase
SeasonalityGrape wines are available throughout the year but high season in winter


I have chosen UAE for the export of grape wine. Due to the following reasons:

  • The consumption rate of wine in UAE is almost twice as compared with theGlobal rate of consumption. A single person consumes approximately 8-liter wine per year in UAE.
  • UAE is easily accessible from Georgia.
  • Ease of doing business index is in improving phase and improved by 8 points in last year.
  • The climate of UAE is stable for grape wine.
  • MDI is 77% which indicates that the market is in the growing phase hence my product can capture amarket share.
  • The average growth rate of UAE is much better than Lebanon which indicates that there ispotential of growth in wine market ofUAE.(Manoukian, 2012)

(Thomas, 2014).............................

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