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American Well Case Solution

American Well

The emerging ways of delivering networks of hospitals, health clinics and other provider systems are the most promising new market opportunities that are currently available in the market currently through which the companies operating in the industry can increase their growth and medical process efficiency and at the same time reduce their cost as well. The medical sector of the market has adequately increased their profits and growth patterns by utilizing the possible opportunities available in the market.
Advancements in the technological sector have adequately and sufficiently supported the developments in the medical sector and enhancing the offerings of the medical equipment offering companies. The owners and stakeholders of American Well want to expand their operations by utilizing the opportunities created by merging the offerings with the internet factor. The adopted usage of the internet and telephone for connecting the physicians and patients is capable enough for increasing the development ratio of this emerging opportunity in the market. Through these implications, a higher number of patients and doctors, physicians would be able to connect with each other for efficiently dealing with the problems being faced by the patients, while providing a higher level of services and offerings to the patients and customer segment of the medical industry, the company aims to increase its revenues and growth progress.

Service Offering

American Well enjoyed their fair share of being the first mover in this direction of the industry by connecting the patient with the concerned doctors through connecting means. The organization utilized the opportunity to the fullest to sufficiently consume the presented opportunity to grow their business and the structure of the organization for being able to support their business operations in the future. While generating adequate amount of revenues and profits, the company was well aware of the fact that for surviving in the industry, they would be required to effectively predict about the future requirements of the market and how can they provide according to the transforming needs of the market. The company introduced its new concept of Team Edition. The company was already serving the market in Hawaii by increasing the level of connectivity between the patients and the physicians. Through these offerings of the company, the patients were enabled to communicate more efficiently and quickly with the physicians, decreasing the time consumption of the process of reaching the physicians for receiving the desired treatment or check-up. In addition to this, the customers would also not be required to wait for weeks to meet the specialist for consultation processes. The offering of American Well will enable the patients to access their information or reach the specialists during their visit at the office or an online visit.

Target Segment

American Well has its focus set on providing the community with convenient means of providing the patients with efficient and convenient means for communicating with the concerned physicians and doctors for delivering the treatment to the patients without making them wait for weeks for getting an appointment. The core customers of the company are insurance companies that are directly involved in providing the patients with proper treatments for their problems. The insurance companies then target the patients who are seeking medical care at emergency and non-emergency basis. The insurance companies can additionally increase the level of their sales volume with respect to insurance policies. Insurance companies can also increase their frequency of selling policies by introducing a number of additional networks. The waiting time for the patients is decreased as they are no longer required to wait for weeks for getting an appointment with their concerned specialists.....................

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