Internal Competition – Curse for Team Performance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Group Development Process

Within the current situation at FIS Consultancy, both the project leader and the team leader were not concerned about the problems that the team members were facing while working on the project. They were not fulfilling the responsibilities and in fact they had biased opinions about the team members. Rishi, who was the immediate boss for the team members, was favoring his group or the people he liked and had previously worked with. Although the more senior team members on the project were Shalini and Sara, but Rishi was not concerned about their problems and difficulties the two of them were facing while completing the project. In fact, in many incidences Rishi was seen gossiping about Sara with other team members. The culture of the team was such that there were teams within a team. This was basically due to the poor leadership of Rishi who was not bothered about the project on hand. Rishi had a biased opinion about Sarah who as the case states was a qualified employee and has been graded as confident, hard working and efficient.

Over here, Rishi was not looking after the project deadline which mere being missed by some of his companions. He was rather more concerned about Sarah. During the project it was identified that Rishi was actually reluctant to work along the new team assigned to him. He was more inclined and involved with his own group. Rishi was not the only the team leader for New Jersey project who was incompetent, as the project manager Philly also followed the procession of being incompetent. The problem which really made the situation worse was when Rishi took advantage of Philly’s authorities and started taking advantage of his delayed decision-making. Philly was also quite satisfied and relaxed as Rishi took over his added responsibilities. The situation made Philly over-depedent on Rishi who was actually trying to exploit the extra powers assigned to him. While performing tasks Rishi was not taking the whole team in confidence, he only discussed the issues with his close companions. One an occasion Aatrhi, a team member heard Rishi talking about Sara to another team member that she is not competent and talented enough to complete the course curriculum. This was an evidence of poor leadership where instead speaking to the concerned person; Rishi was discussing the problem with other team members. The incident made Sarah de-moralized and she went to Philly to discuss the issue. And to her surprise, Philly after listening to the whole situation asked Sarah to stop creating problem for others and try to become co-operative. After the indent, Philly’s attitude towards Sarah changed and he started ignoring her. Although as the project leader, he should have called the two of them and tried to resolve the issue.

Due to the above scenario, a competent and charismatic leader should be given the responsibility who can take decisions without being biased. A team leader should work on the principle of team management process which consists of Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. The leader should initially develop a team where the leader should identify the roles and responsibilities of each group member. This step can take extra time to make each team member understand their job description. Secondly, the team leader should take the team to Storming phase where people involved in the teams start working beyond their boundaries and limitations. This is the stage where mostly the teams’ fail but a leader with clear vision and goal can guide the team smoothly. However, if the team is co-operating and the leader is encouraging and appreciating; the team members’ work beyond their limits at this stage. After this comes the Norming stage where team members start resolving their indifferences and respecting each other along with the leader. At this stage, team members interact more regularly and causally which helps the integrity of the team leader who actually motivates all team members to work in collective manner and on common goals. The last stage where the team leader has to achieve the required results is the Performing stage. Over here the leader has to make sure that requirements of the customer are met and delivered as per customer requirements. And finally once all of the above four steps are completed comes the Adjourning stage. At this satge, the team enjoys the success of the project and all the hard work is paid-off with incentives and positive comments from the team leader and a satisfied customer....................................

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