Intellikine: Build-to-Sell in Biotech Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

University of California, Berkeley-Haas collection. The Intellikine case study offers an instance of a biotech company where its management team, creators, and investors sold the company at a comparatively early phase of the business growth. In early 2012, Troy Wilson, the CEO of Intellikine sold the company to Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company, Takeda's business unit responsible for international oncology, strategy, and development.

The deal was for as much as $310 million (Millennium would pay $190 million upfront, with an added $120 million dependent on clinical development milestones). By 2011, the Intellikine team had advanced three programs into human clinical testing. The crucial question for students is whether Wilson and his team sold the company not or too early. The company strategy as well as various perspectives and performance are provided in the case study to enable pupils to truly have a profitable dialogue on every side of the argument.

PUBLICATION DATE: February 01, 2013 PRODUCT #: B5763-PDF-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Intellikine: Build-to-Sell in Biotech

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