The Cheating Culture: A Global Societal Phenomenon Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Now's future business leaders are faced early in their academic careers with history-making events which have a deep impact on the international economic system. These students of business are being exposed to behaviors as they unfold and, as such, are maybe living in an age of the "cheating culture" whereby everybody cheats because everyone else does it. Company students from around the world completed a cheating culture scale as part of a much bigger investigation examining college students' attitudes toward capitalism and business ethics.

Findings indicate that the cheating culture is not only a happening that is capitalistic and that attitudinal differences are driven country corruption, by sex, and the socioeconomic environment. Future business leaders worldwide, who are being twisted by news reports of disgrace, are also being educated the basics of running in the business world. Regrettably, they may be learning to inextricably join the dishonest culture with best business practices.

The Cheating Culture A Global Societal Phenomenon case study solution


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