961 Beer: Launching a Lebanese Brewing Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2006, the pioneer of the craft beer in the Middle East, 961 Beer faced various dilemmas from the context of politics and economics. It has transformed into a hip Lebanese brand from a home brewer by targeting specific customers, including the middle-class city-dwellers, highly educated individuals. The company enhanced the customer engagement in an entertainment region of Beirut  by providing free samples of its beers in a company’s owned pub that lead the customers to show interest towards the brewery process. The company also diverted towards the locally manufactured products to meet the needs of customers and also caters to the regional palate. Its major rival was a well-established brewery that has been acquired by a leading international beer conglomerate. In February 2009, the company has dramatically expanded all over the market, which made the founder satisfy but he only needed to form strategies to sustain the current growth for the future. Whether it would be better for him to consolidate or should he grow further? What would be the most appropriate strategy for 961 Beer to sustain the current growth in the future and to increase its market share along with ensuring the same quality and without compromising the values that bring the company to this leading position?

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