Mediated: How the Media Shapes your World and the Way you live in it Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The book Media shapes your World and the Way you live in it indicated that the advancement in the technologies is to make it easier to for the people to live in the real world. Although with the help of the technology our lives become easier, but we don't remain in the real world due growing artificiality in everything around us.

From the Media shapes your World and the Way you live in it, It is analyzed that the media are an exploiting medium that is used by the political and upper class elite in order to shape the pattern people think and act.

However, the teenagers in the society are mostly influenced by the media and their majority decisions are reflected by the media. The impact of the different tools of media on the people lives’ has not repressive to the common people in the society, but it is important for every individual to be mediated on their own thinking.

In addition , it is also essential for the people to understand that the real world help the people to make decisions about their identity, how to act in different situations as well as what is appropriate and right by watching. The people in the society that are mediated are become the actors and in the book known as method actors while in the procedure of representation and reflection.

Since the media play a very important part in the lives of the people, it affected the decision making choices of the person. For example, when people saw advertisements on TV, they paid their attention greatly towards that advertised and make the purchase decisions even if that thing is not suitable for them.

This situation of making purchase determine that no one force the people to buy the things due to the flattering  media make the people believe that whatever they are purchasing is effective and appropriate  choice of them

However, the logic of the Thomas de Zengotita of majority part of the book is attractive and satisfying. As, he provides thedetail ofeach concept with its justification that would allow people to deeply examine the effect of the media in day to day activities of the people. But there are few flaws that arise when the author asks questions about himself.

For example, is it true that the majority of the people are concerned with developing and creating their personality with the help of consumption?

The author itself responds to the question by giving the answer “yes” without providing suitable justification. Although the question that he asked is appropriate and shows that he is on the right track, but has not given the suitable response. Moreover, there are also other questions that the author arises, but never answered them.

For example: What is so great about the real world and what are the reasons of mediated world value contradicting?

The answers to these questions are not replied by the author. However, another weakness in the book is that the more part of the book is aboutdefining postmodernism instead of judging them. The expansion and progress in the media of technological development has adversely impacted the lives of the people is the new thing that majority people all over the world arenot recognized. In addition this, for every individual in the world, it is important to clearly differentiate between the own decisions and media influenced decisions.

The starting four chapters of the book are imaginary that presents exactly how modern media have shaped the world as well as living style of the people. But the remaining chapters of the book lose this point that highlighted in the starting fourchapters immediately.

However, Thomas de Zengotita goes to discuss other issues, specific topics and events that could easily be analyzed instead of concentering on the main topic of the book.


From analyzing the book the Media Shapes you’re World and the Way you live it is recommended that people must read this book as it contains the points that spread the awareness between the people aroundthe world as well as it is the most interesting and fantastic book .Furthermore, this book help the people to understand different ways in which media could impact their lives and their abilities to make decisions by thinking themselves.

Additionally, book emphases on the learning of the individuals by giving different examples that help them to understand the degree of the influence that the various mode of media have onthe lives of the people and the way it shaped their decision making capabilities and power. However, most of the people around do not know about the importance of technological advancement as well as progression in the media that largely impacting our daily life operations...................................

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