Reawakening the World’s Most Famous Office Building: Economics behind a Groundbreaking Energy Efficiency Retrofit Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case highlights a recent and significant form of new sustainability job for present buildings typically known as an incorporated energy retrofit (IER) job. Anthony Malkin of Malkin Holdings, owner of the Empire State Building (ESB), admitted the significance of making the accessible building stock, mainly in New York, more energy efficient, as it consists of a large part of the real estate in many cities.

Taking a bold leadership place, Malkin vowed to make the ESB the most energy-efficient, sustainable, "green" pre war office building through a IER endeavor that analyzed several facets of the building's systems, operations, and tenant behaviours. In totaling to making the ESB a green icon in Manhattan, Malkin also affirmed the meaning of making the endeavor transparent and economic so other prewar buildings could replicate the model. This case study analyzes in depth the process that Malkin Holdings experienced in reaching its aim of creating the ESB as a leader in building sustainability that is present.

Reawakening the World's Most Famous Office Building Economics behind a Groundbreaking Energy Efficiency Retrofit Case Study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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