Intel Corp. (E): New Directions for the 1990s Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

As the executive body of the company Intel is ready to develop the company's annual strategic long-term plan for the year 1994, a broad management attention was again focused on the new initiatives of the market. Top management was interested in assessing the prospects of Intel in new market segments. They felt that it was time to decide what role the Intel should be in each of these segments, as much attention to managing and resources should be directed, and how resources should be deployed. They wanted to develop a very clear idea of ​​how Intel will maintain a competitive advantage against rivals in these new segments. "Hide
by Robert A. Burgelman, Dan Steere Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 16 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 1994. Prod. #: BP256E-PDF-ENG

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Intel Corp. (E): New Directions for the 1990s

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