Board Process Simulation: BigFish (B) – Directors’ Profiles Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Board Process Simulation: BigFish (B) - Directors' Profiles Case Solution


In this role-play simulation, a group of approximately 9 individuals function as the board of directors of a privately-owned fishing business. The board needs to deciding about (1) a management proposition to get processing centers in a foreign nation, (2) a modification to the CEO's reimbursement bundle asked for by the CEO complying with the considerable devaluation of regional currency. The board includes 3 kinds of directors-- associated (the two investors and an agent of the bank-creditor), executive (CEO and CFO), and independent directors (consisting of the chairman)-- along with 3 committees behind Technique & Investments, Election & Compensation, and Audit.


Pedagogical Goals:

- To experience genuine characteristics of the board of directors - To comprehend a systemic nature of board-shareholders and boards and boards- stakeholders' connections - To learn how to work together with individuals with various backgrounds and programs - To practice functions of efficient directors: professional, strategist, team player, coach, owner, facilitator - To evaluate the individual inspiration and ability needed to become a reliable board member

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  Strategy

published: 21 Apr 2017

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Board Process Simulation: BigFish (B) – Directors’ Profiles

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