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The paper attempts to describe the mental health system of Italy while focusing on answering a research question relating to the integration of mental health care in primary care and interpreting if it increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the current system. The paper also attempts to describe the importance of the study along with the laws that have been modified relating to mental health system in Italy. Furthermore, the paper provides detailed analysis of the current national mental health system which highlights the working, funding, and the structure of health care institutions. Moreover, the paper provides a detailed description of the experimental process in Forli, Italy. Lastly, recommendations followed by the summary of the paper are provided to generate an understanding of the entire paper.

Mental Health

A psychological, social, and emotional well-being of an individual which affects the thinking, feeling, and acting ability is defined as the mental health. Mental health determines the level of stress and the psychological state of an individual to monitor the emotional and behavioral segments. Mental health disorders could affect an individual’s mood and their way of thinking (Sharma, Atri, & Branscum, 2013). There are many factors which ultimately contribute towards mental health disorders which include biological factors, the life experiences of an individual, and the family inheritance. The most common mental health problems include stress, depression, grief addiction, anxiety, mood disorders and other mental concerns. A global mental health research is a new field of research which studies in improving the mental health of an individual (Barry, 2002).

The first person to introduce the understanding of mental hygiene was William Sweetzer in around 1850’s. The particular scientist described approaches in promoting positive mental health in a human being. However, further studies and researches were conducted to preserve the mind against any incidents or influence from being corrupted or decreasing in the energy of the brain (Barry, 2002). While considering the mental health disorders in the primary care settings, a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that these disorders are very common and prevails amongst 24% of individuals worldwide. The report only included the most common disorders which include depression (10%), and Anxiety (7.9%). A crucial role is being developed amongst the primary care and mental disorders. In Italy, the heart of the healthcare system lies primary care (Sharma, Atri, & Branscum, 2013).


The importance of mental health can be conceived from the common, widespread mental disorders that have surrounded the entire world. Mental health and physical health are closely related in which the mental health of an individual deciphers good or worse physical health. The mental disorders can decrease the health promoting behavior individuals due to which it has been a bigger desire for research to conduct a research (Healthy People, 2014). Depression, anxiety, and stress are the most common mental disorders and the high rate of suffering from these mental disorders made the researcher to understand the current national mental health care system for Italy. Therefore, in order to understand the integration of the mental health care system either increases or decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of the current system of mental health care.


Laws that Modified Mental Health System in Italy

Basaglia Law is also referred to as Law 180 which was formed due to bring reforms in the psychiatric system in Italy in the year 1978. This Italian Mental Health Act was due to the larger social and political movement for the stance against institutionalizing mentally ill people psychiatric asylums. The movement was started under the leadership of Franco Basaglia. The law clearly stated that large mental asylums shall be closed all over the country and shall be replaced by community mental health services. Implementation of the law was made possible in the year 1988 which closed down the psychiatric hospitals. This particular model was widely accepted in other countries as they started to implement the model(Girolamo, Bassi, Neri, Rugerri, & Santone, 2007).

Pilot experiments were conducted in different cities of the country from the year 1961 to 1978 which then revealed positive outcomes in replacing the old model of custodial care in psychiatric hospitals with community-based services. The demonstration of the new system revealed that new model of care is effective and it could be considered as alternate to the old model instead of complementary.....................

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