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Rockdale Electric is a manufacturing company that produces wide variety of home appliances and products that include convention ranges, microwave ovens washing machines and state-of-the-art refrigerator. The major purpose of the company is to increase its overall market share and growth by delivering the high quality products as well as services to its potential target customers. The results of the company are declining due to the several issues that arose in the past few years.


Following are the issues that are covered in the report:

§  Analysis of Chris Parker needs assessment approach.

§  Proposed Process of needs assessment

  • Evaluation approach for the “Wining with People” training.
  • Analysis of Model for Maximizing Learning.
  • Valuation of the Rockdale approach by using a model of maximizing learning.
  • Recommendations.

Question 1

Analysis of Chris Parker needs assessment approach

The needs assessment approach taken by Chris Parker is better for short term but it is not an accurate and appropriate approach that could generate highly effective long-term results for the Rockdale Electric Inc. However, a data gathering method that Chris Parker used to identify the problems and its causes is better, but other procedures for data gathering should also be used along with the employee survey. The employee survey is the most inexpensive method of data gathering, but still provides the limited information that is not enough for need assessment is a key disadvantage of using it

In addition to this, decision of hiring the consulting firm for designing and development of the training program seems to be an appropriate decision taken by Chris Parker. As the company is currently going through many problems mostly related to the customers and employees’ satisfaction as well as the inadequate Human Resource Department of the Rockdale Electric appears to be unable to deal with improvements.

Additionally, needs assessment approach adopted by the company has not provided detail of each aspect of the areas that needs improvement as well as the factors behind these problems is also absent in the process. Although the areas that are considered for the employees training are suitable and result in the active training of the employees that could be useful in order to enhance the team building, decision-making, managing diversity skill but then again these all skills are not sufficient in order to successfully overcome the problems of high employment turnover rate and high customer complains.

Proposed Process of needs assessment

I would use the process of needs assessment that is discussed below. The most appropriate needs assessment process to overcome the problems should look like:


The process of the need assessment consists of four phases that include the first phase of data gathering, Identification and analysis of the needs phase, action plan and implementation phase and lastly, evaluation phase. This process is designed in a way that helps to reduce the gap between the current state of problems and achieving the desirable results for the future.

In the first step of data gathering, the method that I would use should include interviews, employee surveys, document review and observation instead of just focusing on employee surveys. As, this is the foundation of the gap analysis between the current state vs. the expected future state, it requires the detailed examination of all the existing needs.

In addition to this, each mentioned way of data gathering provides the deep assessment of the needs that would help to overcome the problems related to the employees and customer satisfaction.

However, after gathering the data it is beneficial to prioritize them according to their level of significance in order to effectively evaluate the needs that have to modify. The factor that may impact the execution of the assessment process is also considered in the second phase of the need assessment that I used. It would allow to efficiently identifying the major needs that play an important role in determining the reasons behind the issues. The gap between the current state of the need and future expected need is also analyzed in order to understand the barriers that could impact the performance of the company in the long-term.......................

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