Hudsons Seafood Corporation A Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is suitable for courses on operations, leadrership, strategies and small business management. Founder faces a number of issues related to service operations of its two restaurants. Important question of how to solve the problem of employee relations emerged between servers and their assistants. But a more comprehensive and perplexing problem is to change the service package of operations in one of the restaurants where the staff problems have adversely affected the quality of the food, and the customers seem to be confused as to what kind of restaurant it is. These problems have forced the owner to study the fundamental strategies used to provide services in the restaurant, and analyze target markets. Another issue is the future of the investment business. There teaching notes (OM-0875TN) available. "Hide
by Robert D. Landel, Cheryl L. Samson Source: Darden School of Business 18 pages. Publication Date: August 13, 1998. Prod. #: UV5929-PDF-ENG

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Hudsons Seafood Corporation A

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