Plaza, the Logistics Park of Zaragoza Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In year 2000, the Authorities of the Autonomous Community of Aragón, Spain, made public an endeavor for the development of a large scale logistics park in the outskirts of the city of Zaragoza. With an area of almost 13 square kilometers, PLAZA (an acronym for Zaragoza Logistics Platform) would be by far the largest logistics park either assembled or under the development in all of Europe. This case illustrate the motivation behind such an endeavor, the reasoning used in determining the feasibility of the location of the park, and also the advantages (and disadvantages) related to the endeavor.

The case provides sufficient data to prepare an evaluation from the perspective of an expected customer, where the price advantage or disadvantage of finding a facility in Zaragoza (with respect to Rotterdam, a preferred European location) can be quantified, and where the parameters can be altered to ascertain the primary drivers behind such a conclusion, and how changes in these motorists can influence the customer's evaluation. The results are meant to function as input for PLAZA management to understand which types of customers to target, and the best way to address the issues that could hinder the park's projected increase.

Plaza, the Logistics Park of Zaragoza Case Study Solution


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Plaza, the Logistics Park of Zaragoza

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