The Clorox Company: Leveraging Green For Growth Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem statement

Clorox is focusing on three brands which includes Brita, Burt's Bees and Green Works which all have the characteristics based upon the personal protection of the customers. Brita is a product that serves customers for the purpose ofprotection on ‘inner wellbeing’ forwhich the company offers products such as Water Filtration System. The second product includes Burt’s Bees which serves its customers for the purpose of protection on external wellbeing amongst which the product line includes Natural personalcare product. Lastly, Green Works products providesprotection to the environment of its customer, and it serves for the purpose of environmental products which may include Natural household cleaner. The company is achieving its target with these product, but soon Springer, the Executive Vice President, and CEO Don Knauss identified that these products that covered 90% of Clorox revenue due to the change in trend and the economic crises.

According to research, the company recognizes that sustainable products have high demands in today’s world as customers are more towards the wellbeing of themselves. People focus on those products which gives them assurance of health and safety. Clorox has to decide whether the sustainability factor will give boost to the sales of an existing product throughrepositioningthe brands, or it shall focus on its core brands and capture the largest market.

Target Market

It is almost impossible to define the target market of Clorox as its products are targeted to everyone which includesmen, women, and children,along with everyone else whichwants to use productsthat could make their lives better. Slogan of Clorox represents that ‘we make everyday life better, every day’. Clorox’s products are for every human being whowants to have a healthy standard of living. Looking towards the fact that every individual needs to do laundry, dishes and want to have a clean washroom for which they buy certain products.

Along with this, customers want a healthier inner and outer wellbeing for a clean, healthy environment which are being offered by Clorox in the form of personal care products, water filter, household products and cleaning products.

Although Clorox products are purchased by customers having different demographic and psychographic factors, however, they make five customer segments which shows that the customers have an interest in the nature of the product offered by the company. They rank the product on the basis of natural ingredients that are involved in making the product. This segment of the customer is highly educated asthey perform the entire research form their end before making a purchase. Also, thesecustomers read the back label of the product and the ingredients which are cited on the back side in order to make confirmation. Females are mostly catered by the company in the particular segment.

Next segment involvescustomers that are more towards the beauty and personal care products.These types of customers are less interested in the environment friendly factor of the product and concerned about the wellness factor offered by the company. These customers perform research on the chemical composition that are involved in the developing of the beauty product and makes their decision on the basis of chemical ingredients of the product.

Other segment includes customers that make purchases for households and make their decision on the product quality that provides them with the healthy and clean environment, while making their surrounding a better place to live. It includes items which includes laundry, dish cleaner, washroom cleaner, products that enhance their surroundings.

While considering the target market for green products, it involvescustomerswho buy products which are mostly related to households in order to make their house clean and make their surrounding healthy for their families. Indirectly, these products serve to make the society a better place to live.

The Clorox Company Leveraging Green For Growth Case Solution

Burt’s Bees product category caters a target market that involves both genders since the personal care products are offered to both male and female to enhance their beauty. Here customers make choices on the basis of products that does not have any harmful ingredients which could affect their skin. These products are in high demands as products for personal wellbeing is the most emerging demands for the people in today’s world.

The particular target marketmake their choices on the basis of products that tends to behighly natural. These customers are highly educated people anddoes not like if any artificial ingredient isinvolvedin the product. These customers are most probably to switch towards other brands that offered the same productbut possess more natural ingredients. They conduct a comprehensive research on the quality of the product along with the effect of the products it could have on their health because these products are for the inner wellbeing of the customer...............

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