Apple Inc. 2008 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Outline reasons for your choice

      Apple has gone beyond superficial tends in the market and grown along with customer experience.

      Apple product inside out design is viewed as “cool”.

      Simplicity use and functionality within the company.

      Decision making at the company is based on mutual consent.

      To basically design a computer that can foster individual work.

      Customer can associate and relate themselves to the technology.

      Identifying the needs of people.

      Taking complete care of every small detail.

      Simplicity has become the ultimate sophistication.

      iPod mini design has been one of its kinds.

      iPhone has again grown on the similar lines of innovation and durability.

State clearly what you would like to measure at this point (prior to any action on the part of the company) Note: If you do not measure before taking action, how will you know the action is a success?

At this point it is important to measure the innovation capabilities in future for Apple the company. It is important to understand that the recent success and growth of Apple has been entirely based on its CEO, Steve Jobs. Under his presence various strategies were implemented, which turned out as the success factor for the company and is worth mentioning. He made the strategies that were different and unique because of the CEO vision. Under his regime as the CEO, he came up with the strategy of “Think Different” and “Simplicity” again with success as his prime motive (Michale, 2008)

However, it is important to know that it is difficult for the company to constantly look to bring in innovation and new products along with new services in the portfolio. It is important to understand that if Apple looks to bring in design thinking and different ideas they might end up losing on competition within the industry. Although the industry requires innovation and variation but marketing and designing different services and products can add to the pressure created by the company itself. Under such a system the company might loose on trends, market opportunities and the various new trends (Robert, 2000).

Along with this, constantly looking to go different designs and ways by offering different services and products than the competitors Apple might miss out on various markets and their trends. It is important to understand that in the long run employees and management might be unable to maintain the company’s initial vision philosophy of providing state of the art products and the services that are quite different and unique to the available ones in the market. If the company loses on its mission philosophy and does not apply to its design thinking, than Apple might face extreme risk of developing the marketing products that become quite less attractive to the customers. Moreover, one of the most significant philosophies of Apple is to keep all the products simple and convenient. The overall engineering and design aspiration must not end by simply eliminating functionalities or the processes that can hurt customer value and its satisfaction, commitment and recall for the brand and its products. Close attention need to be paid to the customers need when designing and engineering simple products or services.

State the course of action you recommend for the client

Apple has been able to create new and innovative products and services to actually set their own rules and regulations. Therefore, Apple needs to create customer expectations by giving high receptivity and high quality end products to the customers at maximum reasonable prices. Apple should further improve upon its iOS operating system, iTunes music library, App Store functionally and credibility. These products can deliver optimum quality for the company at much better levels (C.K. Prahalad 2003).  To achieve this target or to accomplish goal Apple needs to study the competitors in the industry, it should therefore look to increase its reliability with competing companies. Apple should also look to further enhance its R&D department and bring in new features and technical features to gauge customers towards the products offered by the company. The technology for the company is supreme and high quality which can further develop the company to grow with an appropriate tool of managing customers and technology simultaneously (Michale, 2008....................................

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