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The HRIS that we have evaluated and discussed in this research assignment is the ADP Workforce Now software system that is a product of ADP Inc. The company provides business processing outsource solutions. ADP Workforce Now software is an application that is web based for the human resources of an organization and this has mainly been designed for the mid-sized businesses but could be used by businesses of all size. The information of the HR functions and all the processes related to the HRM are streamlined into a single dashboard so that self-service could also be available to the employees of the organization. The software is easy to use, it is reliable, convenient and has a high positive reputation. There are a number of enhanced features that have been introduced in the software since its launch such as the handling of tax reporting and the ACP administration. In the end of the report, we also perform a detailed evaluation of the software based on different items.






In this research based assignment, the human resource information system software that we would be researching is ADP Workforce Now software which has been manufactured by Automatic Data Processing Inc. In this report, we would be first overviewing the company’s background, software solutions and the pros and cons of the software briefly and then, we would summarize a few research articles for highlighting the impact of the ADP Workforce Now HRIS on different organizations and finally, we would evaluate the software based on its functionality, IT architecture, IT integration, price and vendor longevity and viability.

Company Background

Automatic Data Processing Inc. was incorporated in 1961 and the company is the provider of human capital management software solutions to the employers and to the businesses of various sizes. Business processoutsourcing solutions are also provided by ADP Inc. The software and the service based delivery model is used by the company to provide solutions to the businesses for helping them out to manage, pay, recruit and retain employees(Reuters, 2018).

Access has also been opened up by the company for the system integrators and the developers regarding the platforms for the application programming interface libraries. Furthermore, ADP also provides the employers with a full range of the payroll options, such as entering the payroll data through a mobile device or through the online systems. Outsourcing the entire payroll to ADP is also a service of the company(Reuters, 2018). This all forms the corporate strategy of ADP, which is to provide sound HRIS solutions to employers and businesses of all sizes.

The mission of the company is to add value to their clients by providing a wide range of cost effective transaction, mission critical, premier and the information based business solutions in selective markets on a global scale. The vision of the company is based on the belief that each prospect and client counts and each contract counts. Each client loss is a prospective future loss and future business is based on the quality of the company’s products, associates, services and reliability(ADP, 2018)..............

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