Pacific Cares: Seizing a Market Opportunity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ryan Snow and his business partner, Peter Pearson, faces problems related to hyper-growth and maintenance of customer satisfaction in order to create the Pacific concerns, telephone technical support outsourcing company for laboratory equipment and testing. Two executives bought the company in early 2003. Peter became the CEO and the snow took on the role of the president and chairman. After starting the company successfully for two years, they are still optimistic about Pacific Cares ┬╗growth trajectory. Since they came to power, the organization has grown from 30 to 250 employees and annual revenue has doubled over the same period of time. While confident in the prospects of Pacific concerns, Peter and Ryan also pushed to the question of how much growth the company can efficiently absorb without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction. In its last meeting, the Council had required to develop a 2-year outlook for the business is based on the assessment of Peter Ryan and how fast the company should be accelerated. Directors have focused mainly on how to continue with the current "stable" growth, which was still significant, but in line with the historical ramp, or to invest in a more "robust" strategy. The two leaders wanted to build a big business as quickly as possible and own the market before their competitors do. However, they were also sensitive to the effects of the fields and operational challenges intensified expansion "Hide
by Bethany Coates, Jim Ellis Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 15 pages. Publication Date: November 9, 2006. Prod. #: E237-PDF-ENG

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Pacific Cares: Seizing a Market Opportunity

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