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General comparison of the sector against the sector in the UAE

The telecommunication industry of UAE has shown tremendous growth over the recent past, significantly propelled by the initiatives of government aimed at introduction of competition and deregulation of market. The companies operating in UAE’s telecommunication industry has been engaged in delivering the latest technology to the customers and drives the digital future.

One of the leading market players is Etisalat in MENA region. It has been recognized as a global leader in providing the fiber optic network solutions. Another major competitor is du, a well-known company in the broadband field and first to test and launch the fastest mobile broadband. The key drivers in the growth of telecom sector of UAE are government initiatives, foreign investment and robust economic growth whereas thekey driver of Saudi Arabia’s telecom industry growth includes pro-competition regulator, together with the attractive demographics and population growth(Review, 2019).

Additionally, the advent of the internet, social media are the significant factors which helped fuel the increased demand for the data. The amalgamation of the growth in smartphone subscription and mobile broadband along with the proliferation of software and hardware has evoked the dramatic change in the UAE’s telecom industry. Both UAE & Saudi Arabia has some of the most tech-savvy customers in the MENA region. There is a supply competition in the UAE’s telecom industry whereas the competition is robust and rigorous between many players in Saudi Arabia.

The intensity of rivalry is high, market is saturated, and exitbarriers for the companies is high in telecom industry of both countries whereas the threat of new entrant is low and in Saudi Arabia’s and UAE’s telecom industry because of only two competitors in the market. Additionally, the cost of switching from one company to another is low in both countries’ telecom industries.

Pitch to invest in KSA

Jio Company – Telecommunication Company

Headquarter - Mumbai, Maharashtra

Market capitalization - 4.9 lakh crore(GILL, 2020)

Description of company

Jio Company – one of the renowned and leading Indian based telecommunication companies and subsidiary of Jio Platforms is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has been engaged in creating the massive digital ecosystems for the thousands and millions of Indians with domain experience and expertise across the business verticals in the platform company. It has ever growing suite of mobile apps, launched basic smartphones under the brand LYF and JioPhone, introduced JioFiber initiative and so forth(Mathi, 2020).

Business objectives

Growth of company

Become established as a leading provider of telecom solutions

Financial objectives

Revenue growth

High profit returns

Value proposition

The company aims at offering the high value and satisfying experience to customer by providing high quality, fast 4G network connectivity at reasonable prices.

The company integrate the innovation and technology by heavily investing in research and development.

The company is engaged in providing the customer greater transparency, flexibility, choice and technology options. The customer service is a strategic advantage and priority of the company.

Description of investment

In one of the valuable and publicly listed company, the investment would be made by purchasing shares of the company. Investing in the company’s stocks or the equity investment provides the voting rights, dividend entitlement, and claim over assets and income, liquidity, bonus shares, right shares, control, limited labiality and capital gains. It is supposed to be the optimal way of investing in any telecom company of KSA as it promises the best returns even during the period of the economic downturn or high inflation.............................


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