Charting a Path Toward Integrated Solutions Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

For both manufacturers and service companies, the basis of competition is changing rapidly. Manufacturers are finding they have to compete for the sale of services, service companies now need to provide products and services. New battle known as the "integrated solutions", and that is where leading companies such as IBM, General Electric, Rolls Royce, and EDS are actively competing. However, a comprehensive approach to solving the problem is not just blending of products and services. Customers buy guaranteed solution for smooth operation. So the key is to develop and deploy the right capabilities - and for structuring the organization to meet these capabilities to customer needs. This article provides a framework for the implementation of integrated solutions, based on extensive research on companies such as Alstom Transport, Cable & Wireless, Thales, Ericsson, and Atkins. The article stresses the importance of the four possibilities background and shows the organizational structure needed to succeed - a structure that is no longer limited product, service or geographic lines. Later in the article outlines three levels of organizational capacity to chart a path that integrated solution providers need to take. "Hide
by Andrew Davies, Tim Brady, Michael Hobday Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 12 pages. Publication Date: April 1, 2006. Prod. #: SMR202-PDF-ENG

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Charting a Path Toward Integrated Solutions

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