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The task of finding inner knowledge on specialized topics exists in any large organization. One of the ways the organization can solve this problem through domestic market knowledge, which I usually supported by IT-platform within the organization that matches knowledge seekers to knowledge, and that includes material or social incentives to encourage the exchange of information. Early such as Infosys Technologies, Siemens, McKinsey & Co. and Eli Lilly demonstrated the importance of internal knowledge markets for information management in an organization. However, there were problems and complications in the implementation of the internal market. Based on an analysis of more than 5 implementations of different types of domestic markets, as well as the underlying economic theory, the authors provide recommendations on how to design, run and maintain internal knowledge markets. The authors recommend the use of the material and social incentives to encourage employees to participate in the knowledge of the market, but with the price of knowledge swim. One approach is a "virtual currency", for example, Infosys introduced a virtual currency, known as the "knowledge currency units" in its domestic market knowledge; KCUs earned in the domestic market knowledge can be redeemed for cash and prizes. Authors also recommend that managers organization of the internal market of seeds of knowledge of the market with high value content, and then subsidize the development of the communities-added solutions. "Hide
by Marshall W. Van Alstyne, Rear Benbya Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 13 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2011 . Prod. #: SMR378-PDF-ENG

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How to Find Answers Within Your Company

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