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As of close of intellectual property (IP) strategies, and what successful strategies for managing IP? To explore these questions, the author and his research team conducted a detailed review of the senior managers of IP-34 companies. The results show that IP has become the direction for the executive committee and the board of many companies. Moreover, the study showed that the participation of top managers "in the IP strategy is correlated with better IP performance. The analysis of the survey data suggests another intriguing point: some companies now use approach to IP strategy that the author calls "the full protection of intellectual property." This is the "protection of intellectual property" strategy involves the search for technical and non-technical IP protection even for minor inventions, in an attempt to "pack" the technology space with IP claims. This practice is different from the classic strategy of IP using IP to support research and development of the kernel. At least in some industries, this change in the use of IP can, the author suggests, be the cause of the nature of IP competition, to move from the world of "real" products that "capacity" of products. The study also found that of the companies surveyed, IP-related tasks often involve a collaboration between members of the various functional areas within the company, such as product design and patent attorneys. Having clear rules of IP at the functional level was associated with better performance in the IP of the companies surveyed, as with corporate management to devote time to listen to the most senior officers of the company's IP. On the other hand, refusing to sell or license of IP, when circumstances have contributed to the need for such trade or was associated with significantly lower IP performance. "Hide
by Marcus Reitzig Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 9 pages. Publication Date: 01 Oct 2007. Prod. #: SMR262-PDF-ENG

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How Executives Can Enhance IP Strategy and Performance

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