Taino Construction Supplies: Managing Innovation Risks at an SME in a Small, Developing Nation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The president of the Taino Construction has to make quite a lot of strategic choices that can direct the business during very challenging times for the construction industry - internationally and locally. He is striving to find ways to capitalize on international advantages and the company's innovations. At exactly the same time, he's attempting to adapt the company to the needs of the local market, which necessitates smaller volumes and products that are simpler. In order to do this, management must evaluate the amount of danger inherent in the company's portfolio of initiations by estimating the potential of the markets for the products, determining how to strategically place the products in the markets and making a sober evaluation of the firm's fiscal strength. The case can be used in a management of invention lessons too as in a worldwide business or marketing approach or integrative strategy course.

It could also be utilized in the family business course. The objects of the case are 1) to allow students the opportunity to examine a company's innovation portfolio and, more particularly, the amount of risk inherent in marketplace chances 2) to explore how innovative international strategies can help a company survive undesirable local market conditions, though it may add to the complete risk of the initiation portfolio of the business 3) to showcase a company committed to green products, allowing for a conversation on sustainability in the construction industry, too as on how what is considered a "green product" by some stakeholders is not considered a green merchandise by others 4) to showcase the complexity of the relationship between a business's clients/competitions/partners and the way in which government initiative can offer opportunities and challenges to a company 5) to offer an opportunity to conduct fiscal performance analysis.

Taino Construction Supplies Managing Innovation Risks at an SME in a Small, Developing Nation case study solution

PUBLICATION DATE: October 07, 2010 PRODUCT #: 909M85-HCB-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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