Best Western Italy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Best Western Italy Case Solution

The cultural and organizational change is required for the process, so that the employees would re-energize themselves and make efforts to do their best. Thus, cultural and atmospheric feasibility would enable them, to bring out the best possible versions of themselves and contribute to the organization’s mission. Here are the problems that are main in nature and which makes the GM to bring change in the process are:

The cost structure associated with the program and the re-occurrence of the same venture i.e. when the new employees would be inducted into the organization, how they would enable them to grasp the cultural and organizational environment by dealing with the cost structures of the venture, the changes that are necessary to bring innovation in the working environment and the sustainability of the venture or process in the long run. Identification of the procedures and the important personals that would accelerate the process.

Change in anything is not accepted easily by people,here the General Manager of the company wants to implement the new mechanism of the organizational culture that would enable the employees to work freely in any situation and condition.

The method i.e. the modular program is conducted with the help of Max has broader canvas, i.e. it is not only for the top management of the company, but all the employees who are the part forming that organization.Furthermore, the company wants to provide the concrete basis to believe in the advantages of the program by all the Italian hotels that come under the same category.

The process of bringing these things together and managing the cause was not easy because of the budget constraints and managing the risk within limited resources, to cater all the challenges and the recurrence of the same venture to bring the program in front of those employees who were not part of the organization during the initial phases of acceptance of the program and its relative sustainability measure.To ensure that the change is not temporary but permanent,controlling the cost of the venture as well as hiring Max as a project consultant are some of the issues that are a cause of distress for the company.

Solution: How would you solve the a fore mentioned identified problem? Be creative here. If the problem has already been solved, then develop a critique of the solution and make a few practical recommendations. This is where you make use of the main theories to develop solid arguments.

Analysis and proposed solutions:


In order to find out the solutions to the problems identified, relative tactical planning is required to eliminate the risk factor of failure and bring out the best possible solution. As it is mentioned in the case,the services of the famous consultant Max has been taken over by the General Manager, to make the processes more effective and more systematic. The move taken by Max was implementing the program first to evaluate his understanding about the organizational change and then effectively applying the concept on which he is working for.

The change theory suggests that, there should be a clear identification of long-term goals in order to equip your strategy, with basis and rationality.That’s how the plan would become successful. Based on the current situation of the organization, the desired plans and success opportunities would be established and designed accordingly by establishing the investment needs and the activities required to generate the required results,it is necessary to plan the program accordingly. The activity should base on the desired level of acquiring results and the time period that would show the responses of the management about the results. The effectiveness of the plan will be determined, by the outcomes of the completion process. (Allen, n.d.)

As the resources are scarce and not abundantly present for the program, the exercise of ascertaining the goals, organizational as well as an individual would serve to concentrate the efforts and identification of the areas that are made where the improvement is required.

The planning phase that has been opted by the consultant team was good for the cause,because after the identification of the motives of the exercise, the outcome would be reasonable and justified. The initial exercise that has involvement of facilitators should be done by more than two facilitators or the number of participants that are entertained would be reduced.So that the individual attention i.e. the attention that is required to build up the analysis, can easily be given to the participants.

The building blocks that are used as set of stages of training processes are unique, and have the ability to cover all the aspects of the program.The structural program that has been made was efficient enough to identify the constituents of making a different plan. The two-day module characterized by numerous stages of identifying and exploring the needs of employees should be expanded to three days, two stages per day, so that the employees would get the maximum benefit and the purpose can be fulfilled.


Best Western Italy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


General Manager wants to make the organization Authentizotic,such kind of organization where people own their work and hold authenticity of the role they are playing. There are many recognizable organizations working on the principle of Authentizotic organization such as General Motors, Microsoft, British Petroleum and IBM. These are the few examples, these organizations are based on the principal of creativity and acknowledgment of contributions made by each and every employee in the organization and favor interactions and good communication feedback. (giligoria, 2015)

The strategy that has been adopted was that the team could be more enhanced, if there would be an opportunity given to the management of the organization to obtain their views about bringing an innovative program and making it effective, It was proposed by Lewin that, if an organization wants to bring cultural or organizational change in an organization, they should inform and mentally prepare the staff first, so that the change can be adopted by the employees effectively.(burnes, 2004)......................

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