Cyberlab Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


This report providesan introduction of Cyber Lab as well as ananalysis about its product, Cyber Lab 800 System, which is mainly divided into three components: Pipette Transport Device, Precision Syringe Pump, and Reversible Pump.

The main project consists of Cyber Lab coming up for a proposal of investment from PRICO (Precision Instrument Corporation) at $ 1 Million, and making PRICO ascertaining 30% equity rights of  Cyber Lab with a marketing agreement.

Its competitors are also studied in this report with the analysis of their sales and percentages ofinstallation to date and their further insights.  Francis Zenie, a creator of laboratory robotics, realized the need for robots to prepare samples. And,he was the first man to think that robot could prepare samples better as compared to human, this was the main reason behind the Cyber Lab 800 system which made the work of sample analysts easier.

Market growth of Lab-Robots is also studied in this report. The three main sectors where Lab-robots are being used are biotechnology, R&D expenditures, and lab analytical equipment. Market size is also discussed in this report.

Further, we have also discussed the financial performance of the company on the basis of a projected income statement.

Cyberlab Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Cyber Labwas founded in 1985, an outcome of frustration of Dr. H. Meltzer, who was abiochemist in New York Psychiatric Institute. Dr. H. Meltzer was also a member of Bioassays, where he was preparing and testing human enzymes. Human enzymes were very costly.

This case generally discusses about the deal which occurred between Cyber Lab and PRICO. Cyber Lab came up with the proposal to PRICOand offered30% of itsequity against aninvestment of $1million in the product of Cyber Lab system.

Dr. H. Meltzer was preparing an automated system that would prepare the sample of enzymes but could not show the accuracy and reliability of a test which he required in researches. After that, his son Walter Meltzer developed a system that prepared the samples with accuracy and reliability and the project began. After two years, the proposal was created and the New Cyber Lab 800 was in the market now.

The product had competitors but none were viable enough to provide the accuracy of the results, and Cyber Lab required capital to further enhance its model and to access the market. This project focuses on the evaluation and analysis on the PRICO’s investment of $ 1 Million for Cyber Lab.




Almost 18000 locations in the United States are available to be used for CyberLab 800 system. Different competitors are there in the marketthatwill compete with Cyber Lab’s devices and systems on those locations. These are mentioned below:

  • Zymark
  • Micromedic
  • Perkin-Elmer
  • Tecan
  • Beckman
  • Hamilton
  • Hp/GenenChem
  • Dynatech

Above graph shows the sales of CyberLab competitors. Cetus organization wasacquired by Perkin-Elmer in 1986.It was the largest organization in the logical tool fields with $1.3 billion sales for the fiscal year 1987. Three more competitors entered in 1985, Beckman Instrument which is a subsidiary of SmithKline Beckman, and it was also a large organization in the healthcare industry with sales of $4.3 billion.............

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