QUINTE MRI Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 QUINTE MRI Case Solution

Issue Identification

    There are a range of issues which are being faced by Benton Cooper Medical Center currently. The most immediate issue is that it has been 6 weeks since the Benton Cooper Medical Center’s MRI clinic has opened and has its MRI section had been outsourced to Quinte MRI but it is not performing according to the promises which had been made by MRI provider. The problem was that a huge backlog was being faced by Quinte MRI and now this had exceeded about 14 days and thus the service being provided to the customers was highly poor. Now all the new referrals are lost to the competing MRI clinics in the area and there has been a strain on the relationship between Quinte MRI and BCMC.

            There have been many bottlenecks created within the entire process due to extensive waiting times of the customers which is putting constraints on the current resources of the entire process. The administrators of the clinic have also started to complain about the productivity issues of the MRI machine as it has been showing low productivity. Moreover, they were also concerned about the loss of the patient referral and the overly concerns of Jeff Sinclair who is the sole MR technologist of BCMC. Sinclair was scheduled to work 40 hours each week but in the month of May he had to work for additional 40 hours at 1.5 times of the regular wage which was being offered to him.

            Another set of issue was seen in the scheduling department. It had been scheduled that there would be about 2 scans per hour but currently there have been only one scan per hour. Most of the patients are not screened properly and they are also being scheduled at the wrong times by the scheduling department, which is causing issues and dissatisfaction and anger among the other patients. There have also been issues with the MRI forms which contain mistakes and as a result, the MRI technologist is questioning the abilities of this department due to the fact that the schedule appointment forms prepared by the scheduling department are not legible and are unreadable for the MRI technologist. For instance, once there had been just three MRI scans scheduled on a day but the scheduling department thought that it was full. This shows that this is one of the most serious issues and a bottleneck in the process.

            Another important issue is the lack of communication within the MRI clinic. There was a huge gap between the scheduling department and the patients and most of the patients cancel at the last minute or they are not able to show up on the right time. The main issue attributes further to the bottleneck between the scheduling department and the patients. Communication barriers are also faced by the MR technologist and the radiologist. The radiologist of the MR clinic requires the images immediately after the patient has been scanned but this is becoming quite difficult and not possible for the MR technologist.

            Overall, the unsystematic approach for managing the entire facility, lack of organizational understanding and strategy execution and lack of updated technology are the causes of all the issues at the MRI clinic. The use of the hand written appointment forms is causing delays and irritability for the MR technologist and as a result mistakes are made. Placing a database and storing all the information could clearly reduce the process time and provide a competitive edge to the clinic..............

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