Going ‘Beyond Corporate Purpose’ Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The (previously EPI-USE) case centers on CEO Jonathan Tager as he grapples with executing and sustaining his company's recently launched Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Application "BCP: Beyond Corporate Function." Tager is contemplating convey and the way to quantify the program's predicted impact on elephant and rhino poaching, as well as on poverty alleviation in South Africa.

The case study highlights the importance of well-planned CSR programs and addresses issues like hybrid (combined) business models, the 'theory of change' fundamental CSR strategy, and the challenges involved in defining and quantifying impact. The case also explores organizational challenges and stresses related to adopting a brand new CSR strategy, including whether firms have a responsibility to actively participate in advocacy and devote significant resources to social and external (conservation) objects, or whether such efforts break the fiduciary duty that CEOs have to shareholders.

PUBLICATION DATE: February 16, 2016 PRODUCT #: B5851-HCB-ENG

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