Green Gold Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Green Gold Case Study Solution 

Executive summary:

The Green Gold program was an initiative to make the environment more friendly and sustainable in the society. The Green Gold was founded by EI Chocó’s friend’s foundation in 1996. The company was started to emphasize on the importance of the environment the and the relation between local communities and other organizations.

The purpose of the project was to increase the gold business model, which would make the environment more friendly and acceptable in the society. The company mainly focused on redesigning the current environmental structure, and to create a standard specific procedure to introduce the precious metal in fashion.

Furthermore, the company identified the requirements of the consultation and validity process to start production locally,to forecast the demand of the market,and lastly, to evaluate the customers’ preferences along with the customers’ purchasing behavior. Moreover, the company got into a contract with plastic companies to acquire the raw material and to increase the business areas. The business was at a growing stage, and the management planned to expand the business in various areas by providing quality services to the customers.

In addition to this, the society was engaged in exploiting the alternatives, which could help them improve the productivity of their land and project the estimation of the returns in investment. In order to create awareness among the people regarding this invention, the company marketed the product and its features to add some value in its new offerings as well as it clearly specified the identification of the product in order to resolve the uncertainty and make the environment friendlier.

Green Gold Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Problem statement:

The Green Gold was a challenging step for the company because the people were not aware about it, and the global industry did not have the skilled labor to perform the specific task efficiently. The said term was new for the citizens and it consisted of small producers, marketers, and consumers to create awareness of this project. The company faced the challenges of designing certification, which comprised the mechanism to create awareness among the consumers regarding the attributes of the product, and the production procedure, which consisted of the entire production chain fulfilled with this standard. The certification of Green Gold was a challenging process for the company,as the received certification from the small organization would not allow the company to expand the business.........................

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