SGFE Cambodia (A): High-energy Char Briquettes for the Bottom of the Pyramid Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case spots light onthe story of SGFE Cambodia and its CEO, Carlo Figa Talamanca, in the interval 2011-14. Talamanca has the chance to take over the SGFE. The company, SGFE,creates and sells char briquettes. These twocompete with traditional charcoal, which is mostly derived from illegal forest exploitation. The briquettes are also more expensive, although superior, and aren't well known by consumers. The question is the way to penetrate the market at low cost, and how to place the products. Another question is whether SGFE can realistically reach the societal and environmental goals of the firm.

Case B describes SGFE's subsequent commercial success. Getting the people to know the products was the major hurdle, but now this step has been attained, demand exceeds supply. Interestingly, it isthe low income sellers, at the bottom of the pyramid, who are the biggest consumers of this more expensive product. On the other hand, the societal impact of SGFE is minimal and the deforestation of Cambodia continues.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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