Grand Vision & Vision Express (C) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-0869 © 2005
Horovitz; Jacques; Chen; Jennie

In 1997 VE was obtained by Grand Vision (GV); a leading French merchant in the one-hour optical company. VE's deal-driven; quick growth and advertising marketing culture clashed head-on with the quality; service and individuals culture of GPS.

The technique to guide VE away from promotion-based marketing to focus on quality and service were not successful as VE slipped back into its marketing culture over the years. VE was loosing cash in 2003 when the brand-new CEO Bernhard Nuesser took over.

Subjects: Optical; Retail; Strategy; Acquisition
Settings: United Kingdom; Retailing; 3;600 employees; 1998-2005

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Grand Vision & Vision Express (C)

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