Guidewire (B): The Corporate Sprint Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Read, Stuart


In addition to utilizing Scrum and Sprint Teams internally; Guidewire has actually been effective at teaching their customers how to utilize the procedure. Knowing goal: In the B case; individuals are provided with the extra info that Guidewire has actually been effectively teaching their big insurance coverage customers how to utilize Scrum and Sprint Teams internally to run software application jobs.

This allows the turning point in the class discussion from an intriguing organizational technique made use of by an ingenious start-up; to something individuals in bigger companies are motivated to think about how they may use to their own circumstances.

Subjects: Innovation; Organization; Scrum; Agile; Flexible; Sprint; Team; Customer feedback; Leadership; Management
Settings: United States; Silicon Valley; Computer Software for the Insurance Industry; 350 people; 2001 - 2007

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Guidewire (B): The Corporate Sprint

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