Going, Going, Gone Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Going, Going, Gone Case Solution

Class Telecommunications Inc. ("FCT" or "the Company") is a prominent local cordless telecoms service supplier in the United States serving around 3 million cordless consumers in markets in rural locations and little cities covering parts of 7 states in the Midwest and Northeast.

In addition to offering cordless service to customers (i.e., clients), the Company likewise offers cell phones. The Company has 2 running sectors: retail (selling of cell phones) and services (supplying cordless service). See Appendix B-1 for the audit group's financial obligation compliance memo and Appendix B-2 for management's computation of the real covenant ratio computation as of December 31, 2012, as well as the forecasted covenant ratio estimations for each of the quarter-ends in FY2013.

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Going, Going, Gone

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