General De La Rey and the Blue Bulls Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Blue Bulls rugby team enjoyed a fanatical fan base and had been performing well in local and international competitions lately. As a leading South African rugby franchise, a political and social environment that stressed racial transformation was faced by the Blue Bulls. Given the response by some to view it as a reassertion of Afrikaner nationalism and the emotive subject of the tune, the song had brought significant media treatment and disagreement.

As part of the amusement at the Vodacom Super 14 rugby game amid Western Force and the Vodacom Blue Bulls, De La Rey was play over the stadium loudspeakers. This pleased most of the primarily White Afrikaans spectators. By Monday morning, a media craze had erupted about this choice and the temporary head was faced with several choices of the way to react. The case is composed for a first-year MBA module and is made to explore these topics: 1) race, identity and language as consumer behavior variants 2) spectator, patron and consumer processes within sports promotion 3) sports brand development and sponsorship relationships.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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General De La Rey and the Blue Bulls

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