Sandcore Instruments (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Sandcore’s Culture and Organizational Structure

The sense of over-communication culture had surrounded the organization where the company believed that this culture would help their employees improve collaboration and interaction amongst different department of employees. The company encouraged open door policy where every employee could consult with their sub-ordinate without any physical barrier. However, the company was very strict with the employees regulations in which employees were laid off when their performance did not satisfied the company without any termination letter or without any cause. The company managed to bear the cost of training invested on an employee but did not managed to improve the performance of its employee through proper support.

The organizational structure is horizontal but it has many chain of commands as reporting is followed through many managers which may create a hurdle for employees and the accurate flow of information. The particular situation had been caused because of the cultural and organizational structure and because the company never focused on improving the performance of Gordo.

Management’s Actions

The actions taken by the management were not effective as they did not manage to make improvements in the job performance of Gordo, rather they were interested in why the performance was not delivered. The company never got to the core reason for the poor performance and neither tried to found the reasons for the losses of equipment. The company ignored Gordo’s poor behaviors when he aimed at achieving good financial returns, however when Gordo failed to achieve good returns then every behavior of Gordo was considered wrong and unethical. The company did gave time to Gordo to make improvements on his own, but the company did nothing to increase motivation due to which their decisions were not effective.

Criteria and Options Available

Wolf shall adopt the criteria of complete performance appraisal where the company would identify the problems faced by Gordo. Increasing motivational factor was also a criteria that could improve the performance of Gordo. The options which were available for the above criteria was either to retain Gordo as a sales representative, or provide training for other tasks inside the organization and transfer him to the particular department.

Action Plan

Since the beginning of Gordo’s career, Wolf shall have managed conducting the performance appraisal while including all the factors such as behavioral segments. The behavior of an employee is an important segment as it either motivates or de-motivates other employees which may further dent the productivity of the company. However, if particular problem was found in Gordo, then improvements shall have been made in eradicating those problems and behaviors. The performance appraisal should have been based on the entire personality traits and relations with each employee rather than making appraisals solely based on financial improvements. Similarly, Wolf would have inquired about the frequent loss of equipment as it was a big amount and the company would have reported to the top management. Moreover, if the same poor performance had been prevailed from Gordo, then Wolf should have found out the core reason of failure and monitor the activities of Gordo. This would have helped Gordo to get support from the company and may have aroused feeling that the company cares for its employees in difficult times. However, similar behavior would have continued, then the termination letter would have been awarded with the due consultant of the division president.

If provided with new information

The new information revealed thoroughly that there were many behavioral problems with Gordo as he had misled the company and its customers while breaking the trust of the company and also of many physicians. Although, Gordo was an old employee of the company and had served a total of 17 years. The company would not want to lose the employee as he had been performing well previously and had showed that he had the capability to perform better in the future. Therefore, a chance shall be awarded to Gordo by the company in dealing with the behavioral issues. The past and poor performances of Gordo shall be compared and made available to Gordo. Behavioral therapy must also be followed in order to regain the old employee of the company. Focus on the key strengths of Gordo must be focused while managing the weaknesses would be a key issue for the company..........................

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Vice president of human resources at Sandcore tools to make recommendations to the President of the company in respect of the sales representative with a history of poor performance. The Vice-President shall decide what action to take, including the sales representative must be stopped. Vice President must consider how its decision will affect others in the Quebec sales network. "Hide
by Elizabeth M. Grasby, Rene Zatzman Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 12 pages. Publication Date: May 28, 2010. Prod. #: 910C11-PDF-ENG

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