GE Healthcare in India: An Ultra(Sound) Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case describes the dilemma V. Raja, president and CEO of GE Healthcare India, when ultrasound machines the company has been implicated in many cases of prenatal sex determination. Even in the 21st century, Indian society advocates and many men in India has seen the women load their families. Studies have shown that fewer and fewer girls were born, with potentially catastrophic consequences for the future of Indian society. The reason: Many women relied on ultrasound machines to determine the sex of the fetus and, if they were girls who have abortions. Raja knew that GE Healthcare, ultrasound machines have been much better access to medical treatment for the Indians, especially in rural communities, and that the company is in compliance with all rules and regulations to prevent this kind of abuse. But he also understood the social issues that were involved. Sales ultrasonic device has great potential to help maintain its leading position GE in India. But the company needs to move away from its aggressive sales strategy? How Raja and company ease growing discontent among the critics and the media against the practice of prenatal diagnosis of sex determination using machines GE, ultrasound? What additional efforts GE needs to be done to prove its intentions promote pregnancy? What efforts should make the company to stop illegal prenatal sex determination and abortion? How could he protect the still untarnished image GE as a responsible corporation in the future? "Hide
by Jared Harris, Mayank Jain, Jenny Mead Source: Darden School of Business 19 pages. Publication Date: October 14, 2008. Prod. #: UV1038-PDF-ENG

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GE Healthcare in India: An Ultra(Sound) Strategy

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