THE FARGO HEALTH GROUP CASE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Fargo Health Group Case Solution


Dr. Nathaniel Scott Fargo started his own clinic in Birmingham, Alabama by the name of “Birmingham Gastro”. His dedication and hard-work inspired his sons; they also joined their father clinic. Dr Daniel joined the clinic in 1932 and Dr Charles Anthony joined after four years in 1936.

Due to their excellent customer care strategy and standard quality services, the reputation of the hospital was increasing. After few successful years of operations, the name of the hospital was renamed as “Fargo health group”. The Fargo family invited different practitioners and researchers to join their team in serving the humanity.

The positive word of mouth for the services of Fargo family increased their acceptance among public. Now Fargo was brand which was known by majority of the residents due to their many success stories. The services and the knowledge of different specialized doctors were taken into record for the betterment of patients in 34 different clinics which were operated by Fargo group across the United States.

Moreover, there was a special disability compensation that was awarded to thousands of patients every year with the approval of quality assessment office (QAO).  The QAO, was responsible to perform due diligence of the patients who request for disability compensation. Their representatives were situated at all local offices and then that request is forwarded to one of the Fargo’s health center for assessment. And it was mandatory for all centers to send results of those patients within thirty days.

In Fargo’s group clinics, there was shortage of examining physicians that’s why company use to contract these patients to out-of-network Outpatient Clinics (OCs). Although it costs more than $1250 higher than inside checkup at Fargo’s clinics but due to shortage of physicians, company has to outsource it.

Moreover, OC’s are independently running their business activities and are having no time limit, therefore completing examination reports within 30 days took time. In order to solve this issue Jay Robin (Directors quality assessment office) enforced upon the efficient planning regarding the disable patients and their compensation.

According to Jay Robin, company should go for predictive analysis of incoming patients so that availability of examining physicians must be ascertained.

Problem statement:

Due to acute shortage of examining physicians at the hospital, hospital has to outsource their disability patients to OC’s. These OC’s are highly expensive for the company, therefore Fargo group has opted to perform predictive analysis for the company’s upcoming patients.

Necessity for a Data-analytic Solution

The necessity of the data-analytic solution has been observed in order to optimize the forecasting of the demand of the examinations at the Abbeville, LA. The hospital has been suffering the shortage of the examination physicians. In order to maintain the un predicted demand for the heart related examinations, the hospital was rerouting the patients to other Health care centers. The data analytic approach will help the hospital to maintain its demand and supply functions equally according to its resources.

Data-analytic Approach

A number of steps has been followed by the team in order to come up with a data analytic solution. The first step of the data Analytic approach is the defining of the problem. The Second step is the collection of the data. The data has been provided with the explanation of the variables and worksheets in the format of an excel workbook.

The data has been provided with a number of uncertainties that are defined and resolved to come up with a clean data file. The third step in the approach is to clean the file with the help of the Microsoft Excel. And later on saved as a CSV comma delimited file for the assurance of its usage in the R-Programming......................

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