And Now The Hard Part: Role-Plays Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"Diversity lady has a mark on his forehead and says standard", one of the leaders of a large corporation. "It's the same message we got 20 years ago. We do this every year, but the staff never get anything out of it.'ve Never had to speak to the diversity of my staff." Traditional diversity initiatives tend to focus on a specific size differences, such as gender, race, sexual orientation, able-bodiedness or religion. This material includes role playing among different groups of players that contribute to the inclusion of a wider field of social identity differences, such as a variety of problem-solving styles and emotional differences of intellect. "Hide
by Martin N. Davidson, Gerry Yemen Source: Darden School of Business 9 pages. Publication Date: October 14, 2008. Prod. #: UV1076-PDF-ENG

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And Now The Hard Part: Role-Plays

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