Gazprom: The Ebb and Flow of State Patronage Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the year 2012, Gazprom was widely believed to be on the brink of a steep drop. Meteoric increase had been seen by it from its early days as an experiment in privatization of oil and gas following the quick break-up of the Soviet Union. The case documents the effect of its political lineage, its international aspirations, as well as the increase strategies that the business has followed, and discusses how the winds of change heralded the decline of the company. It discusses in detail the purpose of government policies toward national firms, the influence of power and politics, as well as the management of state-owned entities in emerging markets. The stuff in the case allows for an extensive investigation and discussion on essential topics like the source of competitive edge for the NOC’s , the exceptional government struggles that they have to browse in establishing strategic direction, and also the viability of their globalization strategies.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Gazprom: The Ebb and Flow of State Patronage

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